Seeds - Plants - Lands

Your NFTs have an element and a God that governs us. Let's understand each one of them, their benefits and involvement with the game.


Seeds consist of 4 types: Random Seed, Basic Seed, God Basic Seed and Special Seed.

Random Seed

Random Seed is sold from time to time in the game, you MINT one of the common plants with 5 random rarities and random elements. The ruling god of this plant is also random. It can be sold on the marketplace if it is not profitable for you.

Basic Seed

Basic Seed are sold in the game's SHOP, for gems. They are for single use only and cannot be traded on the marketplace. They also have a chance to drop in events and missions.

God Basic Seed

God Basic Seeds are similar to Basic Seeds, however they can only be traded in the Faction Store or dropped in events. If your Seed does not match your faction it may be destroyed when planting or generate less gems on the farm. They cannot be traded on the market. They can also be planted at god events to generate faction bonuses for the week.

Special Seed

Special Seeds are seeds of the special GODS that generate stronger plants with a longer duration of life. They can be traded on the market and can only be generated with a certain amount of items in open events or purchased in special packs.


Plants are divided into 3 parts: Battle Plants, Basic Plants and God Plants.

Battle Plants

Battle Plants are plants that are MINT through the Random Seed, it is created with a random element and a God. Each rarity level gives you a life time and an amount of gems generated per farm. The ruling god also influences both her Land and the ruling god of the week. These plants can be traded on the marketplace.

Basic Plants

Basic Seeds are divided into two types. The basics of SHOP and the Basics of the Gods. The basics of SHOP are sold on the SHOP as Basic Seeds, They have a unique farm and disappear when Harvested. The Basics of the Gods are exchanged in the Faction and Event Shop, and also have a single use. Cannot be sold on Marketplace.

God Plants

God Plants are MINT plants by Special Seed. Just as Battle plants can be traded on the Marketplace and have the element of SACRED and the ruling God is what bestows your plant. It has a lifetime and can be used again in the farm.


Lands are divided into 3 types, Free land, Element Lands and God Lands

Free land

Free Lands are free Lands for all players, they have 2 farm spaces and can be Activated +1 Slot for 1 month with gems. Each player has a free land in the game.

Element Land

Element land are Lands purchased by players, can be traded in the marketplace and have dominance of one element. Plants of the same element have a farm bonus. They have rarities and the higher the rarity, the greater the number of Slots. +1 slot per month can be activated by gems.

God Land

God Lands are chosen at the beginning of the game between Moon and Sun, they start with 2 Slots and only basic seeds and their corresponding God can be planted. They can be exchanged for other gods with in-game items and increased their rarity as well. They cannot be activated in extra slots and after the next level of rarity they can be sold in the marketplace, however when selling you return to the initial rarity and you have to choose a new god. If you want to replace it with a new one saved or purchased on the marketplace, the old one will be sent to the inventory.

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