This is the base Tokenomics, so you can identify where each resource goes and find the contracts and addresses.

Polygon Network

BSC Network

Initial token creation: 70M
Pre sale 65M
Soft Cap 5M
Hard Cap 50M
*In case of sell-out, 10M tokens will be minted in 10M tokens during the pre-sale period

In-game token usage

Token Leftovers: BURN
Spending Wallet: 5M
DEV wallet : 0 (30% of fee and usage goes to this wallet, for pre-announced controlled sale)
Option to print tokens for withdrawals: 1M first print, 1M+ each time
Token spent on platform: BURN
Rate spent on platform: 50% Weekly liquidity

Pre sale division:

35% Liquidity
30% Marketing
25% Development
10% Other expenses (Server, arts and freelancers)
Relative chart in PERCENTAGE of Pre Sale
In case of not hitting the SoftCap: The game will launch with slightly reduced earnings, promotions and liquidity boosts to help.
In case of hitting Soft Cap: Normal released game with weekly bonuses
In Case of Hard Cap: pre-sale users will have exclusive benefits for 1 month and will be able to purchase exclusive packages of items and special plants with Permanent Buffs for the period.
Owner's Wallet: 0xa6633ED1Aa38284AbaA77970c17D1E4b9C5F8Eec - BSC
Shop New: 0x5811bA2B1B3A7ec8670096D3D223fC1495f1F136 - BSC
Token Contract BFCO: 0x675B264543Bb64483f25B7e39c0bf46aC9914A92 - BSC
Contract Swap: 0x73CD0D20d76Da215057c6Dd5B032f36415c854D6- BSC
Dev Portfolio: Soon
Wallet Withdrawals: Soon
Wallet fees: Soon
Spending portfolio: Soon
Perpetual Lock Contract: Soon

Old contracts

Shop Contract: 0x5811bA2B1B3A7ec8670096D3D223fC1495f1F136 Polygon
Shop Market: 0x86Ae141D72033da3B320d6471B7b222ec3720FD9 Polygon


Owner can not be able to pause trading

There is a PAUSE function in the contract, this function is of an emergency nature (failure in some shipping system, Bug that lets you withdraw more coins, Theft and others). This function is available for any emergency that may cause damage to the players' economy (as it has already happened in other games and in the BFC itself once). The description here says that ADMINISTRATORS cannot pause, but in an emergency and for the safety of players, it can be paused for a certain time (Until the problem is resolved).

Owner can not be able to set max or lower transaction limit

Buybacks should be automated

The shop, marketplace, deposit and withdrawal purchase system will have a BUY BACK-ADD LIQUIDITY function for each transaction, that is, even with weekly burns of tokens spent in the game, future contracts will have this native function.

Burns should be automated

Auto liquidity should go to an unreachable address

Contract should not malfunction in any circumstances

Administrators can mint new tokens only in case of need of withdraw pool.

The function exists for an emergency, in case the payment pool is low, so that games that closed due to lack of payment tokens do not occur. extra expenses must be deducted from the INTERNAL EXPENSES tokens. The Gems and Tokens system was created for deflation, both with use, burning and change each period in the amount of gems generated by plants.
**This is the basis of tokenomics, images and more info coming soon