Each type of plant has a FARM strategy, Pots, rarity, Weather and god influence your farm.

-Choose an Empty Slot

-Add the POT (each pot influences the farm)

-Add 10 waters

-For every 24H add 2 water at the end

-Use shield if you wish harvest

***In case of end of life of your plant, use the item REVIVE += 100 Gems to restart the life time.

You can sacrifice the plant to get a amount of REVIVE and gems, being:

Common: 5 REVIVE, 20-50 Gems

Uncommon: 8 REVIVE, 40-80 Gems

Rare: 12 REVIVE, 70-100 Gems

Epic: 15 REVIVE, 90-150 Gems

Legendary: 20 REVIVE, 140-200 Gems

You can also sacrifice a plant to GET FERTILIZER, being:

Common : 0-1 Fertilizer

Uncommon: 1 Fertilizer

Rare: 1-2 Fertilizer

Epic: 2-3 Fertilizer

Legendary: 4 Fertilizer

*REVIVE and FERTILIZER can be obtained from the lucky box in the SHOP

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