Basic description about the game
With the request of many players for the BFC to return to its ORIGINS, we decided to rebuild the game as it was in the beginning. More robust, easier to play and with more benefits. Economy designed for deflation, burning methods and in-game use. And as we always inform you, this is a game, not an investment, earnings in tokens and gems are for the gameplay, have fun with Block Farm Club origins!

Game summary

First purchase

The first purchase is divided into 3 types, Seeds, Lands and Packs. In addition, you can buy tokens in the Pre Sale to use in the game to buy items in the SHOP. Water, insecticide and pots you will need for planting and harvesting.
Seed are for Repeat Use Plants, after harvest you can add again to farm. these plants now have a lifespan that varies from 30 to 45 days, after this period, you can sacrifice to receive gems or use the goddess's water item to reset its lifespan.
Lands are advantages within the game, they give you more planting Slots and special bonuses according to each element. The lands also have a lifetime, after a period of 30 days you need to use the FERTILIZER item to use it again at full strength, otherwise the farm gains are reduced and the slots too.
Packs give a huge advantage to those starting the game, they contain Lands and Seeds with higher chances of rarity and event items that can be used to speed up the farm or increase your earnings. Packs are forged every so often in events and are limited, so get yours before they run out.

Tokens, Gems and Exchange

The token is the connection currency with the game. With it you can deposit and convert into gems to use in the game. You can buy items in the SHOP, trade in swaps and others. In the game you receive gems on the farm, these gems are also obtained in missions and events, burning plants and can be converted into tokens to withdraw to your wallet.
The game has an internal exchange to exchange gems for tokens and tokens for gems.


Buffs are temporary or permanent effects that influence your Lands, Plants, earnings and the progress of the entire game.
Buffs can come from items installed on Lands or Plants, Weather Effects, the ruling god of the week, or from in-game events.
Permanent buffs never change and will always have the same effect. Temporary buffs are varied depending on the case and use and have a fixed duration in the description.
Buffs can be of several types, some of them:
  • Farm gain increase
  • Time Decrease for Farm
  • Farm protection
  • Extra winning chances
  • Chances of winning items and drops

Missions and events

Missions and Events are separate games within the BFC universe that can give you gems, items and exclusive plants. Quests are daily, you can help faction friends or attack faction enemies. Events are weekly and decide the course of the next week, you can attack gods or try to revive another one. Rewards await with event tickets. Build your team of friends and change the weather, buffs and ruling god of the week.
This was a basic summary about the game, now you can read the topics with complete information about every detail of the game. Good game and see you in Block Farm Club Origins